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Hey! I’m Talia and I believe that being healthy doesn’t have to suck.

Like, it’s possible to drink green juice AND drink cocktails.

It’s do-able to eat quinoa AND online date.

It’s really ok to not eat dairy AND still go to music festivals.

Being healthy and being happy doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

In fact, they can’t be.

You can’t be one without the other.

You can’t eat well while being bitter as hell.

And you can’t be happy while you feel [and eat] like crap. No way, jose. Kale no.

So what I do is make healthy eating as un-sucky as humanly possible.

I take the hell out off hellthy eating (get it?).

But of course, (cue the cliche), life hasn’t always been one big plant-party for me. It wasn’t always rainbows and green beans, butterflies and bananas. (Ok, not totally true – I’ve always loved bananas.) banana smile

I stumbled upon a healthy diet out of necessity after years and years of feeling like total crap.

For most of my life I struggled with undiagnosable digestive distress, food addictions, weight issues, chronic lack of energy, emotional problems and a hell of a lot of anxiety.

I sought out every healer short of Doctor Oz and I tried every pill, test, supplement, herb, powder and positive affirmation I could find.

Nothing would help, and I thought I was fated for a life of belly aches, binging, bloating, depression and anxiety attacks.

That is, until one beautiful Santa Monica day, (I was living in California at the time), when I was led to my first plant-party (a restaurant that happily only served plants).

It was there that I ate my first fully plant-based meal and felt fully FANTASTIC. No belly ache, no bloating…nope. Nothing but a bill. 🙂 From there I dove head first into the world of “eating clean.” I chugged (not just drank) the green juice kool-aid. I ate spinach until it was coming out of my ears. I avoided dairy like it was the devil. And I cracked open coconuts with a machete like a baddass tribeswoman. I ate so many plants! I quickly got healthy. All my health and emotional problems DISAPPEARED. coconut pic

But then so did my social life.

Bye bye college parties. (I was in college at the time, not just some weirdo adult going to college parties.)

Sayonara social life.

Peace out dating.

I was healthy as can be, but unhappier than ever.

That’s when I realized that dammit, we shouldn’t have to choose between our health and our happiness!

Do we have to choose between a good hair day and a good work day?! I don’t think so.steelers photo

Do we have to choose between good weather and a good breakfast?! No way.

Between a good song and a good workout? Nuh-uh.

So why should we have to choose between feeling GOOD and feeling HAPPY? We shouldn’t. And we don’t. 

Flash forward to today, after I’ve spent years of studying health and happiness out the wazoo. In the health department I became a professional plant-based chef and a certified health coach

(Interested in also becoming a health coach/stealing my job? Learn more here!)

In the happiness department I became a comedian (like a chef of laughter), performing stand-up all throughout NYC and working for the men themselves: David Letterman, Adam Sandler and Collegehumor (not a man, but there were plenty of men working there, too).

    about _ comedy

Now, I help others like you do exactly what I did – transform their lives from completely crappy to insanely happy!

(And bypass years of being that lame girl staying home alone drinking her kombucha and eating her flax crackers.) 

Party in my Plants is a colossal collection of  non-sucky, totally do-able, fruit fun picnon-socially-isolating life improvements.

Things to do that’ll boost your healthiness without compromising your happiness.

Where I show you how EASY and ENJOYABLE it is to actually work some plants into your diet. (You know, things like fruits and veggies.)  

So here’s what you can do to immediately get your plant-party started (aka start feeling and living your best life yesterday):

Subscribe to my newsletter, which is just a fancy word for “email.”

I’ll email you about once a week (given I haven’t gotten hooked on some TV show binge – gosh The Following really got me…) to send you my latest, greatest, easiest, BESTEST healthy-happy living stuff.

Purchase one of my programs, which is just a lame word for “insanely easy and enjoyable life transformations.”

Icarrot pic‘ve compiled all of my knowledge, studies and experiences into some really helpful packages, so you can get the specific results you want without any extra bullshit. You want to ditch dairy? There’s a program for that. You wanna give up gluten? There’s a program for that. You want to travel or be able to eat out at restaurants without gaining weight and negating all the healthy eating effort you put in at home? Guess what – there’s a program for that. I’m adding new programs all the time with the hopes of giving you the best and quickest most tangible results, so definitely give them a shot.

Connect with me on the social stuff.

Instagram and Facebook are where I’m at. I’d be ecstatic to connect with you on either of those, and maybe even Twitter if I’m feeling particularly 140-character-y that day. I’d love to share what I eat and do with you, and see what you eat and do! I mean, what better time to be alive than now – when we can share such high-quality photos of our food?!

Email me.

Because why the heck not? I’m here for YOU. That’s really the whole point of all of this. I want to help YOU become healthier…without totally hating your life. So let me know how I can do that. What do you need help with? The pronunciation of quinoa? Buying a blender? Figuring out where to eat for your anniversary dinner that’s not a “health-food” restaurant but also won’t give you gas all night long? I’ve got your back. Just email me already! about pic _ 2

Finally, breathe. Smile. It’s all going to be ok. It’s just grapefruit. It’s just a chia seed. It’s just bok choy. Relax, smile, eat plants and do the best you can. The rest will fall into place as your life becomes one fabulous party!

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