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Talia’s passion and sense of humor are as nourishing as her plant food approach! I’m thrilled to terry headsee her use the personal, professional and educational experiences that empowered her to live such a healthy life to now help others. What better reason to eat clean than to live well. This is one party you don’t want to miss!

– Terry Walters, author of the highly acclaimed cookbooks, CLEAN FOOD and CLEAN START.

Talia’s enthusiasm and knowledge of healthy living showed even our most carnivorous tzviaand closed-minded colleagues that eating better doesn’t just mean using Splenda in your Starbucks. With a captivating but easygoing approach, she gets regular, everyday people excited about how healthy eating and exercise can seamlessly become a part of their routine. She truly embodies all that she believes, and her smile overflows with a passion to share her experience and expertise.

– Tzvia Berrin-Reinstein, funny girl on Twitter, Page at The Late Show with David Letterman.

If I needed to lose weight, get in shape, increase my self – esteem and do chef richit all with a laugh under the guidance of a knowledgeable expert and vegan chef who walks her walk, I would contact Talia pronto! Seek her out and start living and laughing again.

– Chef Richard LaMarita, culinary Instructor at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts.

I think the best word I can use to describe her is real. alex picHer knowledge and experience is paired with unfiltered, realistic and practical views on how to achieve this in the real world, and her humor helps keep this in check! She’s unique, inspiring, motivating, and a light that you want to gravitate towards. Anyone can benefit from knowing Talia.

– Alex Mack, yoga instructor, holistic health coach and former D1 soccer star.

Talia Pollock is unique and highly spirited. Her outlook on health and nutrition is far and away more eddie brill picadvanced than most. Talia is a shining example of what a mentor is all about. Her outlook, grace, sense of humor and dedication will not only help you to become the best possible you…but also help you to help others as well.

Eddie Brill, warm-up comedian for The Late Show With David Letterman, internationally respected stand-up comic, and a healthy eating advocate.

Making light of heavy matters in the world, Talia uses her megan photogift of creating laughter as her primary tool to touch your heart, (while giving you a great core workout at the same time). She is truly unique, full of love and passion, and ready to truly help anyone she connects with.

– Megan Church, CEO/founder of MangoFuel LLC, a Personal and Professional Health Coaching Company

 “If you’re lucky enough to get to work with Talia, you’ll soon discover that she is one of those people with the lauren chef picrare ability to make you feel instantly comfortable as though you’ve known her your whole life. Her energy is contagious, her knowledge and passion for all things health and wellness palpable, and her sweet, compassionate nature undeniable. If I ever needed someone to gently guide me on the path to health and happiness and make me laugh along the way, Talia would be the first – and only – person I’d call.

– Lauren Kretzer, Private Chef; Long Island

heather photo“3 months after working with her I’ve dropped 7lbs, cut out meat/dairy/refined sugar (which I’ve struggled with for a couple years now), eat greens on the regular, and have way more confidence in myself that I’m finally becoming the chick I always knew I could be. Best of all is that I’m doing all these things and having FUN with it! Holy kale is Talia awesome!”

– Heather Greene, artist; Portland, Oregon

“I would recommend coaching with Talia to anyone who feels out of control in their rachel photolives even just slightly. Talia created a very natural evolution for me, from living in fear of food to feeling empowered by it. After working with Talia I’ve gotten regular digestion and a “calmer” stomach, plus I generally feel more balanced and in control to deal with everyday stressors and activities.”

– Rachel A., student; Ontario, Canada

shannon photo“While working with Talia, I have a happier body, my digestive system is improved and I have a lot more energy. I’m definitely more calm, less stressed AND happier in general. I would recommend Talia to anyone! I know a lot of people who could use her advice to feel better physically and mentally in their lives.”

– Shannon T., student; Brooklyn, NY

Before working with Talia, I thought I had learned it all in books. But I enjoyed her blog posts and knew that I needed some extra support. For me, peace was the answer when I finished my coaching with Talia. She helped me not feel so frantic all the time about what I was going to eat, where I could find food, and how paula photowould I keep making changes while working out of town or being super busy. Party in my Plants is a great support to help you transition or stay in a healthy lifestyle. Talia is such a positive force of energy in the word, I rely on our meeting notes as guideposts to get through the next steps.”

– Paula C., pilates instructor and tax auditor; The Woodlands, Texas



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