From college auditoriums to company meeting rooms, National television and radio programs to my own podcast and online cooking show and from elite NYC stand-up stages to, well, underground gross NYC stand-up stages, I’ve spent the majority of my life speaking to enlighten, entertain and encourage others that their lives can be healthier without also being suckier.

So whether you’re a college, conference, company or juice bar (damn, that one doesn’t start with a ‘c’!), I’d love to see how we can work together for your next event!

A beet about me:

I’m Talia and I help people eat healthier without hating their lives! I‘m a former stand-up comedian who fell in love with eating healthfully (because it completely changed my life!) and decided to become a culinary-school-trained chef and certified holistic health coach.

Now, I combine my love for healthy eating AND healthy laughing by edu-taining audiences (like yours!) on how to take the HELL out of HELLthy eating. (Aka make it less sucky, socially isolating, confusing and HARD!)

Some signs your audience and I would be a perfect pear:

  • More energy, positivity and mental clarity would mean your audience can reach their absolute potential in school, at the office or when they’re running errands with their toddler!
  • Less stress, anxiety and frustration around what’s healthy and what’s not would make your audience feel so much more capable of actually making healthy choices more often so they can strut their stuff with confidence.
  • Being 100% prepared to stay healthy on the go would help your audience be more effective, productive and happy on their work trip, family vacation or spring break.
  • Less sick days, “blah” afternoons and slow-starting mornings would mean higher grades, more money made and a better quality of life for your audience.
    Having an arsenal of quick, simple and easy healthy recipes at their disposal would help your audience thrive in their lives. And you want them to thrive in their lives!

The only way we actually do the healthy things we know we ought to do is when we are able to insert them seamlessly into our lives. Which is why I customize my speeches and events to your specific audience: if you’re a college, I’ll address staying healthy amid the college social scenes and less-than-gourmet-dorm kitchenettes, if you’re a corporation, I’ll talk about easy healthy desk lunches (and how to turn down your co-workers’ cupcakes) and if you’re a group of leaders (or working moms), I’ll speak about healthy hacks that can be squeezed into little-to-no free time.

The principle remains the same: eat more plants and less crap to live your best life ever, and I’ll show your unique crowd how they specifically can achieve that!

Testimonials (my events are kind of a big dill):

Talia mixes such passion and joy with education on healthy eating and living that her message is not easily forgotten. Dynamic and empowering, Talia’s talk was everything I had hoped for and more! I am grateful for the opportunity to bring her to Trinity College and hope that we can do so again in the future.

Laura Lockwood, director of Trinity College’s Women & Gender Resource Action Center

My experience at Talia’s talk was amazing. From her first sentence, I was hooked. The mix of comedy but also interesting facts about eating healthy engaged me until the end! And I learned so much about eating healthy to better myself!

Julia Bujalski, Treasurer of Emmanuel College’s Residence Hall Association

I would definitely recommend Talia to any other organizations on campus or to other Universities at large because of her ability to captivate a room with laughter while still keeping it very informative and personal. I know anyone would be missing out so much if they didn’t ask her to come speak at their school.

Matthew Martinelli, President of Uconn’s Residence Hall Association

Talia gave an awesome and fun approach to a not-so-fun topic. She got the audience to feel as though eating healthy was easy and enjoyable. I love the humor she put into it. It engaged the students more so than your standard health class would. It made eating healthy entertaining! We all learned so much useful info that will absolutely change the way we look at food in the future.

Madison Clements, President of University of Delaware’s VegClub

Talia’s talk was great!! We filled up the room and Talia did awesome! I’m looking forward to trying her recipe and tips.

Jessi Ortolano, Facility Manager, Wieden + Kennedy

So, lettuce work together!

I’d love to learn more about your college, conference, company or juice bar (still doesn’t start with a ‘c’!) and brainstorm how we can best work together to accomplish your goals and improve the lives of your audience! Please let me know what you’re working on by filling out this quick form or contacting me directly at talia@partyinmyplants.com

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