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My 1-on-1 coaching is a tremendously funderful (wonderful + fun) way of getting healthy without hating your life! 

As a social health expert, a term that couldn’t better describe what I do or who I am (and also a term I invented), my coaching program has a strong (like Arnold Schwarzenegger at his prime strong) emphasis on the social side of living a healthy life.

It’s not just like “eat this, don’t eat that, blah blah blah”…it’s like “eat this at a baseball game, don’t eat this at happy hour, yay yay yay.”

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The above video ^^^ tells you everything you need to know about coaching. (Well, I tell you everything you need to know IN that video…)

The only thing that video doesn’t mention? The price. My price is always changing rising as more and more eager healthy-eating beavers are hopping on the plant-party train. So it’s probably in your best interest to ACT on your interest and start coaching now before the numbers after the dollar signs go up. 

Right now, my coaching is $285/month. 

This includes:

  • Two, 1-hour calls (on the phone) per month (so 1 call every other week)
  • A detailed set of notes and resources-galore immediately following our discussion (which one former client called her favorite part about coaching – just sayin’).
  • Unlimited in-between-sessions texting and emailing as needed. (My clients text me all the time at restaurants, the grocery store, etc. for immediate assistance!)

“How many months is it?” you ask? Good question. Here’s the good answer:


Instead of locking you into some X# of months program, I like to work on a month-to-month basis. Since I can’t guess or guarantee how long it’ll take you to achieve your goals (because everybody and their goals, lifestyle, starting point, etc. are all so different!) I don’t want to lock you into some like 4 month program if you are ready to roll in month 2, or lock you into a 2 month program if you’re still just rocking by then. (Get it? Cause one rocks back and forth before they can fully roll?)

Any other questions – watch the video above, play with the drop-downs below or use the contact form at the bottom to talk to me directly!

Oh and one last thing: you oughtta know that working with me is for people who SERIOUSLY want to make SERIOUS changes…without being so damn SERIOUS about it!

(in other words: we’ll have fun!)



I help you eat healthier. Without hating your life. Or being a social outcast. Or spending a gazillion dollars.

I help you eat more fruits and veggies. And choose foods that are plants, instead of foods that were made in a plant.

I help you phase out the stuff that makes you feel and look like crap. I help you phase in the stuff that makes you feel and look like a million and a half bucks.

I help you actually enjoy eating healthfully {instead of having you order a salad which you season with your tears}.

I help you go from crappy to happy in every sense of the word.


I don’t preach one specific diet. I don’t care if you eat t-bones or tofu, as long as you also eat kale, quinoa and carrots.

I don’t sugar-coat things. A.) because sugar’s not great for you and B.) because bullshitting’s not great for you either.

I don’t take my job lightly. Watching you feel, look and live better is what drives me every second of every day.

I don’t agree that living a healthy lifestyle should conflict with living a happy lifestyle. Hell, I think doing the happy things actually makes you healthier. (Unless those happy things are cocaine and Velveeta.) But things like concerts, dating, road trips, camping, fancy dinners, casino buffets, beach campfires, ski lodge fireplace fires….that stuff’ll make you healthier. Because it makes you less stressed. And stress makes you sick. Even if you’re stressing and drinking green juice simultaneously.


Think about it this way:

Just like you’d hire a personal trainer to get your butt in shape, you need me to get your gut in shape.

Just like you’d ask advice from a bra (or boxer?) -fitter to tell you (once and for all) what bras (or boxers?) you should be wearing, you need me to tell you, (once and for all) what foods you should [and shouldn’t] be eating.

Just like you’d go to a guidance counselor to help you figure out the whole “getting into college” thing, you need me to help you figure out this whole “getting into your skinny jeans” thing.

Just like you’d go to a wedding planner to help you, well, plan your wedding, you need me to help you, well, plan your eating.

Just like you’d listen to a quirky tour guide to help you understand a city. Universal Studios. A museum. You need me to quirkily guide you to understand your body. Your energy. Your health.

Just like you’d hire a baby(or dog)sitter to watch and protect your babies (or dogs but same difference, right?), you need me to watch and protect you from the things that destroy your health and happiness.

Except, you need me more than you need a personal trainer, a bra/boxer fitter, a guidance counselor, a tour guide or a baby/dog sitter.

Because how are you going to be able to work out, wear cute bras or boxers, perform well in college, enjoy a guided tour or make fun plans that require you to hire a sitter if you’re lacking energy, feeling sick, always super bloated, kinda (or really) depressed and just overall not your best self?

You’re not. And thats why you need me.


Because you’re fine feeling sick after every meal you eat. It’s fun. You enjoy it. Yay for unbuttoning your pants after every meal. Woohoo for running to the toilet during dessert. Fun stuff having belly aches after every group dinner.

You’re happy pressing snooze every single morning, begging the day for a few more minutes of sleep. You think it totally beats jumping out of bed with an insane amount of positive energy.

You enjoy stressing about food – knowing that you “should eat better” but not knowing WTF that means (or HTF to even do it). You think standing in the grocery store like a lost foreigner or reading a restaurant menu like it’s a puzzle is fun. You want all that anxiety around food.

You enjoy forcing yourself to do healthy things. You think it’s a blast beating yourself up every time you’re too lazy to go to the gym, or you’re too hungry to not eat the cheese pizza your roommates brought home. You enjoy trying to improve your life but not getting anywhere; nothing makes you happier than knowing your potential and not reaching it.


Hire me as your coach.




REAL RAVES FROM REAL (not infomercial-actor) COACH-EES


“While working with Talia, I have a happier body, my digestive system is improved and I have a lot more energy. I’m definitely more calm, less stressed AND happier in general. I would recommend Talia to anyone! I know a lot of people who could use her advice to feel better physically and mentally in their lives.”

– Shannon T., student; Brooklyn, NY

“3 months after working with her I’ve dropped 7lbs, cut out meat/dairy/refined sugar (which I’ve struggled with for a couple years now), eat greens on the regular, and have way more confidence in myself that I’m finally becoming the chick I always knew I could be. Best of all is that I’m doing all these things and having FUN with it! Holy kale is Talia awesome!”

– Heather Greene, artist and super amazing hair stylist, Portland, Oregon

“I would recommend coaching with Talia to anyone who feels out of control in their lives even just slightly. Talia created a very natural evolution for me, from living in fear of food to feeling empowered by it. After working with Talia I’ve gotten regular digestion and a “calmer” stomach, plus I generally feel more balanced and in control to deal with everyday stressors and activities.”

– Rachel A., student; Ontario, Canada

Before working with Talia, I thought I had learned it all in books. But I enjoyed her blog posts and knew that I needed some extra support. For me, peace was the answer when I finished my coaching with Talia. She helped me not feel so frantic all the time about what I was going to eat, where I could find food, and how would I keep making changes while working out of town or being super busy. Party in my Plants is a great support to help you transition or stay in a healthy lifestyle. Talia is such a positive force of energy in the word, I rely on our meeting notes as guideposts to get through the next steps.”

– Paula C., pilates instructor and tax auditor; The Woodlands, Texas



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