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A weekly shebang of non-sucky health & happiness tricks…plus some kale jokes.
Eat Clean Live Well

Eat Clean Live Well, Baby – The Terry Walters Trilogy

Who doesn’t love a trilogy? Toy Story, Mission Impossible, The Hangover, Twilight? (Oh, Twilight‘s not a trilogy? I guess I just gave up at #3.) Trilogies prove that a story line has real leverage – real staying-power, a real ability to keep people coming back, wanting more..and more…and even more. Not all movies can make trilogies, […]

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PumpCAN Party Recipes!

It’s my PumpCAN Party and I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to… ‘Cause it’s over! The PumpCAN Party is completely over. Time clean up streamers, recycle the cans of pumpkin and get that adorable “All about the Can” theme song out of my head. (No […]

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pumpkin toast

Orgasmic Pumpkin Toast (& an exciting announcement!)

Yes, you read that right – this toast is orgasmic. And yes, you’re right, I’m probably exaggerating quite a bit. (Let me know if I’m not?) BUT, there’s no denying that this pumpkin toast recipe is a quick, delicious and easy way to get into the fall spirit and use that canned pumpkin that you have. […]

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Why I Love Ginger

I’ve gotta admit: I’m a fair-weather friend. Each year, when the weather gets…fair, I again make ginger my BFF. Ginger and I become inseparable during the chilly months, hanging out every day, at least once a day…sometimes even twice or three times. But then spring comes, followed by summer, and I phase out my bestie ginger, until […]

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Meet & Greet: Teff

Eek! I’m so excited to talk about teff! Teff is absolutely at the top of my weird must-have ingredients list. And hopefully, after learning about it and trying it, it’ll soon become that thing that guests say “what the heck is that,” when they find it in your pantry, like they do for me. So, I like […]

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