Wanna take the HELL our of Healthy Eating?
But WHO is this Talia girl anyway?
I take the hell out of hellthy eating.
She’s me! I’m this Talia girl. A girl whom, through trials, tribulations (and lots of tea) realized that eating healthfully doesn’t have to suck. Like, it’s possible to drink green juice AND drink cocktails. It’s do-able to eat quinoa AND online date. It’s really ok to not eat dairy AND still go to music festivals. Being healthy and being happy doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, they can’t be. You can’t be one without the other.
So what I do is make healthy eating as un-sucky as humanly possible. I take the hell out off hellthy eating. I show you how it’s possible to take ginger shots, give up gluten, sauté spinach and pop your own popcorn without being a health-nut hermit! I coach awesome folks, write blog posts, make videos, give talks, and snap a ton of “healthies” (you know, healthy selfies) all in the name of making healthy eating as FUN AS A PARTY!
But of course, (cue the cliche), life hasn’t always been one big plant-party for me…
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