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A weekly shebang of non-sucky health & happiness tricks…plus some kale jokes.

Gingerbread Protein Pancakes

Oh boy oh boy do I have a winning winter recipe for YOU! If there’s anything that just shouts “WINTER!” it’s gingerbread, right? And since gingerbread isn’t really associated directly with a holiday (i.e. Christmas or Channukah – both which have already passed), I’m just going to go ahead and associate it with winter so […]

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Meet & Greet: Molasses

Ok, now it’s REALLY winter. It’s freezing. It’s painful. It’s snowy. And all I want to do it stay in my pajamas and slippers and move around as slow as molasses… Ah, molasses! The word that makes me think of moss or a fungi. The ingredient that seems as old as my great-great grandmother. The […]

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egg-less eggnog

Egg-Less Eggnog! (& Dairy-free) [VIDEO]

What good’s a holiday treat if it makes you feel like crap? Or makes that cute holiday outfit fit like crap? Or is filled with ingredients that are full of crap? NOTHING’S GOOD ABOUT THAT. And traditional, cream-filled, dairy-loaded, raw-egg-infused, sugar-fied eggnog will result in all of the above. Not anymore. Enter: this egg-less, dairy-free […]

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Meet & Greet: Maple Syrup

Pop quiz #1: when you think about maple syrup, what comes to mind? [now is when you let something come to your mind] Got it? If you thought: lumberjacks, Vermont, maple leaves, thick trees and Canada, then phewf…we’re on the same page. If you thought: Aunt Jemima…well, umm, no. Maple syrup is my baking sweetener […]

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