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A weekly shebang of non-sucky health & happiness tricks…plus some kale jokes.

The BEST Buckwheat Pancake Recipe

Now that you’re super duper educated on why buckwheat is the BOMB (not yet educated? read this), you’re going to be super duper PUMPED to try this breakfast recipe. [Sparknotes: Buckwheat is completely gluten-free, and awfully high in protein, fiber and calcium.] These buckwheat pancakes can only be described as: fluffy heavenly filling satisfying delicious scrumptious perfect My […]

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buckwheat party in my plants

Meet & Greet: Buckwheat

You might recognize buckwheat from its starring role in Japanese soba dishes (soba noodles are made with buckwheat flour), but buckwheat has been the lead in numerous underground classics from cookies to pancakes to porridges to bread to even stir fries for years. So just because buckwheat might not always be in blockbusters, doesn’t mean that it […]

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hemp seeds, party in my plants

Meet & Greet: Hemp Seeds

I know what you’re thinking – hemp seeds are old news. That superfood ship has sailed; we’ve laughed that they’re marijuana plants’ identical non-high-inducing twin, we’ve tried the milk and we’ve worn those dreadful hemp necklaces. Well, ok. I like to think that hemp seeds are the Michael Buble of superfoods – sure they might’ve […]

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