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A weekly shebang of non-sucky health & happiness tricks…plus some kale jokes.

How to be a Health-Nut Houseguest (and Still Get Invited Back)

It’s one thing to have you own healthy eating habits. (Go you!) But it’s another thing to hold onto those healthy habits while being a guest in a non-healthy habit holder’s household. (Woah.)  When I first went all health-nutty, being a houseguest was really nerve-wracking. I worried about being able to eat my preferred food without offending,  inconveniencing or annoying […]

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How to Make the Easiest, Sweetest Watermelon Juice (Without a Blender!) [VIDEO]

In the summertime, nothing says refreshing quite like watermelon. I mean, the fruit is basically just a big green ball of sweet pink water. Beyond delicious, watermelon is super hydrating (hence its name: WATER-MELON) and it’s loaded with potassium which helps replenish our electrolytes that we lose when we’re commuting to work in the summer heat, laying […]

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Meet & Greet: Coconut Water

Ah, coconut water. By far, the most versatile, fascinating, nutritious, delicious little liquid. A liquid found anywhere from remote tropical islands to dirty gas stations to hot yoga studios to classy bars and everywhere in between. A liquid that used to only be enjoyed by cracking open a coconut, but can now be enjoyed by […]

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4th of July Berry and Coconut Patriotic Parfait

Your 4th of July’s about to get a whole lot sweeter with this Berry and Coconut Patriotic Parfait! It’s SUCH a sweet coincidence that two of my favorite fruits happen to be America’s most patriotic fruits – blueberries and strawberries! I think this makes me love America just a little bit more. And how better to […]

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“Healthy” Cocktails: Vodka Edition

Let’s be real here. Just because I like to party with plants, doesn’t mean I don’t like to party…with other…things. Like…alcohol. Like I’ve said time and time again, health and happiness go together. They need one another to maximize their potential. So just like you can’t have a veggie burger without organic ketchup, or a green smoothie […]

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How to Make the Easiest Almond Milk in the WORLD [Video]

Almond milk is an essential part of a plant-based diet. You use it from baking to blending, cereal eating to coffee drinking, ice cream making to cookie dunking. As true with anything in life, homemade almond milk is way healthier than the store-bought stuff. Store-bought stuff includes weird binders, preservatives and processed sugars. But even though homemade almond milk is healthier […]

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