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A weekly shebang of non-sucky health & happiness tricks…plus some kale jokes.

Meet & Greet: Teff

Eek! I’m so excited to talk about teff! Teff is absolutely at the top of my weird must-have ingredients list. And hopefully, after learning about it and trying it, it’ll soon become that thing that guests say “what the heck is that,” when they find it in your pantry, like they do for me. So, I like […]

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How to Date Someone of the Opposite Diet

In a perfect world we’d all find our perfect dietary counterpart. Our gluten-free girlfriend, our plant-based partner, our lactose intolerant lover, our soy-free sweetheart. We’d share our gluten-free spaghetti Lady and the Tramp style, feed one another dairy-free dark chocolate in bed, and sip almond-milk cuppuchinos by the fireplace. But life doesn’t always accommodate both […]

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roasted chickpeas

How to Make Crispy Roasted Chickpeas [VIDEO]

Let’s face it – often times the crunchiest, saltiest, tastiest most fun little snacks are also the most bloat-inducing, weight-gaining, addicting, unhealthiest little snacks. And this reallyyyyy sucks! Well, suck no more! These roasted chickpeas are about to put the healthy crunch back into your life (Thank goodness.) They’re easy to make, they’re total customizable […]

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The BEST Buckwheat Pancake Recipe

Now that you’re super duper educated on why buckwheat is the BOMB (not yet educated? read this), you’re going to be super duper PUMPED to try this breakfast recipe. [Sparknotes: Buckwheat is completely gluten-free, and awfully high in protein, fiber and calcium.] These buckwheat pancakes can only be described as: fluffy heavenly filling satisfying delicious scrumptious perfect My […]

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buckwheat party in my plants

Meet & Greet: Buckwheat

You might recognize buckwheat from its starring role in Japanese soba dishes (soba noodles are made with buckwheat flour), but buckwheat has been the lead in numerous underground classics from cookies to pancakes to porridges to bread to even stir fries for years. So just because buckwheat might not always be in blockbusters, doesn’t mean that it […]

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